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Finding a contractor with whom you feel an immediate level of comfort isn't easy. We look forward to helping you through the process. 

Archgate provides an honest evaluation of hail, wind and age-related damage to roofing systems and other property. Our contractors are Haag certified inspectors.


We thoroughly assess your property and provide a detailed evaluation.


We assess roofing, fascia, soffit, siding and gutter issues which prevent water shed from your roof and accelerate leaking, rot and structural issues.

We identify issues early in the insurance claims process to ensure limited back and forth once the job begins. We work with homeowners to extend the life of existing materials or replace with them more durable, modern materials to prevent repetitive maintenance. 

Contact Archgate Construction to help you understand the condition of your roofing system. We will inspect for hail, wind and age-related damage to your roof, fence, siding, windows and interior sheetrock, paint and personal property. 

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